How It Works:

  1. You teach tricks to your dog at home
  2. When your dog has learned the tricks for the title, you send a video (via a link, etc.) of the dog performing the tricks to a Chief Solano Kennel Club AKC CGC Evaluator @
  3. The Evaluator will review your video. The fee is $15. Pay by check payable to Chief Solano Kennel Club mailed to:


P.O. BOX 208

ELMIRA, CA 95625-0208

  1. Once the Evaluator reviews and approves the video, they will send a copy of the Video Verification Form and Tricks Checklist:
    1. To you confirming that your dog passed the test, and
    2. To the AKC.

Then, to apply for the title, the DOG OWNER must send to AKC:

  1. The Video Verification Form and Tricks Checklist from the Evaluator
  2. the Trick Dog Title Application
Chief Solano Kennel Club Inc., (707) 469-3153near Vacaville CA, near Fairfield Ca, near Dixon Ca