Chief Solano Kennel Club Mission Statement

Chief Solano Kennel Club is an AKC All Breed and Obedience Kennel Club devoted to promoting, advancing and celebrating the Purebred and All American Dog.

Through actively encouraging and participating in AKC conformation, obedience, Rally and other performance events, the club strives to promote responsible heritage breeding to preserve AKC recognized breeds and preserve the unique relationship between dogs and their owners.

In addition to show and performance events, the club sponsors dog owner responsibility and education through community puppy socialization and obedience classes, the AKC Canine Ambassador program, annual kennel club dog shows, and through the club’s attendance at local community events.

The club members strongly believe that these programs foster the dog and owner experience and strengthen and enrich the unique bond shared between dogs and their owners so that all dogs will have superb forever homes.


(revised 6/13/17)