1.   This building is a volunteer fire department. The first three (3) parking places (painted red) are reserved at all times for the volunteer firemen.

  2.   For your safety, please wear sensible, safe walking shoes (no flip-flops or shoes without backs).

  3.   Cell phones and/or pagers must be off or on vibrate. If you need to take a call or answer a page, please go outdoors.

  4.   Dogs must be kept a distance of 2-feet from other dogs at all times -- even those dogs who know one another.

  5.   Once you have registered/checked in for your class, please move away from the front door so other handlers/dogs can come in.

  6.   Please exercise your dog before you come to class.

  7.   If your dog soils outside, it is your responsibility to clean up.

  8.   If a dog has an accident during class, it is your responsibility to clean up. Paper towels and disinfectant are located on the front table.

 9.   Sometimes there are loose/stray dogs in the neighborhood. Our club will make every effort to alert you before you leave. However, please look again as you leave the building.

10.   Please make sure you have a 6' leather or cloth lead. NO CHAIN LEADS--NO RETRACTABLE LEADS.

11.   For insurance purposes a proper training collar is required and it imust be on correctly. Training collars include  chain, martingale, head halter or pinch. A chain collar is preferred. Buckle collars are not allowed, The proper fit of a chain collar is an approximate 2 inch over hang when the collar is pulled to the neck. Giving allowance, of course, for breeds with larger heads.

12.   Please remove any extra collar and/or tags before class starts.

13.   If there will be more than one handler for a dog in a class, we suggest that the stronger person start.

14.  The area behind the tables are for club members only.

15.   Guests may use the area on or around the stage. Please keep the area around the mats clear.

16.   Handlers must have their dog under control at all times during class. Any dog that is not under control will be asked to leave. The class instructor will have the right to make the decision on who will stay and who will leave.

17.   Children are not permitted to wander around during class except to go to the restroom.

18.   Please keep the noise level down so students can hear the instructor.

19.   If the dog in front of you is moving too slow, you may pass on the inside of the mats.

20.  You will receive a 'Certification of Completion' at the last training class in your session. Certificates will not be mailed if you miss the class.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Officers, Board of Directors, & Club Members

Chief Solano Kennel Club, Inc.


Revised 07/27/2012

Chief Solano Kennel Club Inc., (707) 469-3153near Vacaville CA, near Fairfield Ca, near Dixon Ca